Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of removing a stump depends on the size of the stump. We charge $4.00 per inch across the diameter of the stump.
Gallagher Stump Removal measures the size of a stump by its diameter. The diameter of a stump is measured from one side of the stump directly through the center of the stump to the other side of the stump.

Gallagher Stump Removal uses specialized machinery specifically designed for removing stumps, this machine is called a stump grinder. The stump grinder slowly chips away at the stump turning the stump into wood chips. After the job is complete, the stump will be gone and wood chips will be pushed back into the hole left from the removal process. Over time the wood chips will break down and turn into dirt so that you can regrow grass or other plants in that location. Alternatively, the wood chips can be used as mulch.
Gallagher Stump Removal uses smaller self powered machines to remove stumps. This means that we can reach smaller spaces than other tow behind machines. The stump machine can fit through gates with as little as 35 inches of clearance by width.
Yes, Gallagher Stump Removal offers discounts on large jobs. Contact us now for more details and a free estimate.
Gallagher Stump Removal is headquartered in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. We operate in Bucks County and its neighboring counties. We also accommodate other areas, so please contact us for more information.